Работа в Литве

Оператор колл-центра

Компания: UAB Transcom
Контракт: на 1 год, испытательный строк - 3 месяца
Литва Литва/Вильнюс
ID: Transcom

Обязанности: звонки по телефонной базе, общение с потенциальными клиентами по скрипту

Требования к кандидату:

            • опыт работы: от 1 года
            • возраст: 21-30 лет
            • образование: высшее, наличие подтверждающего документа 
            • знание языка:English-French/English-German/English-French-German language skills at least B2 level
            • дополнительные требования: 
            • Possibility to work during the day and if needed during the night
            • Possibility to work fast with computer (basic Excel knowledge)
            • Training: all new hires have training session which last two weeks from Monday till Friday (9:00 till 17:30)
            • Employees who work after 23:00 have a possibility to come back home with our taxi.

            Заработная плата:

              • Wage and taxation system: we are paying according to the set minimum salary of Republic of Lithuania which is paid two times: on the 18th of a month (advance) and on the 7th of the next month (remaining salary) to the bank account which is provided by the employee
              • Training: 3.39 €/hour GROSS
              • After training: 7.15 €/hour GROSS (NETTO ~ 745 EUR.) Bonuses after one month is +0.56 €/hour= 7.71 €/hour GROSS (NETTO ~ 797 eur.)
              • If candidate speaks three languages (French, German and English) GROSS 8.89 €/hour (NETTO ~868 eur) + 0.56 €/hour bonus = 9.45 €/hour GROSS (NETTO ~918 eur)
              • Lithuania’s labour law: people who work during the night gets 1.5 more then during the day. Example: if GROSS during the day is 7.15, it means during the night it would be 10.73

              График работы: 

                              • Available work hours: work in shifts, Monday to Friday.
                              • Night shift hours payment rate is 1.5 (official night hours in Lithuania 22:00 PM – 6:00 AM). Standard weekly work hours – 40, with maximum of 48 hours with overtime.
                              • 7:00 — 15:30
                              • 15:30 — 24:00
                              • 23:00 — 07:00
                              • Lunch break is 30 minutes per day (not applicable for night shift). There is also 40 minutes of short breaks that can be used freely during your shift (night shifts included).


                                      • хостел, общая кухня, удобства на этаже
                                      • за счет работодателя
                                      • по 1 человеку/комната


                                      • за свой счет

                                      Дополнительная информация: 

                                            • Контракт на 1 год
                                            • Работа в Литве, г.Вильнюс
                                            • При приезде необходимо иметь ≈250€ на первое время